What innovations do the latest cell phones have?

Major cell phone manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei and Samsung know that the number of people who rely on these devices for any of their daily activities is growing rapidly. Today, people use their cell phones for everything: attending teleconferences, searching for information on Google, chatting with friends, playing casino games, studying and, of course, talking on the phone. For this reason, developers aim to improve the user experience through innovations that, at the very least, surprise them and allow for new functionalities.

New screensNew

cell phone screens aim to improve entertainment.

More and more users use their mobile devices to watch movies and videos on different platforms and it is expected that, in the not so distant future, cell phones will completely replace computers. The first changes bring larger, up to 7.8-inch, borderless screens that play high-definition videos with resolutions of up to 8K. On the other hand, the most radical change will be the incorporation of flexibility. The phones will have dual, folding and roll-up screens that will allow, among other things, different applications to be opened on both sides of the device for multi-tasking.

Battery durabilityWith

the uses given to cell phones, it was to be expected that manufacturers would work on the durability of the batteries.

This is also because the imminent incorporation of the 5G network and the new Internet of things will demand more consumption and, therefore, will require batteries that yield more. Among the main innovations of these accessories, some developers are working on batteries with carbon nanotubes that, among other applications, allow improving the efficiency of the battery by 250 percent more. Other manufacturers are exploring the use of graphene, a substance that will make it possible to obtain thinner batteries that can be charged more quickly. The aim of these new additions is to obtain lighter batteries that considerably reduce the time of charge and increase their durability.


people change their cell phone to have a better camera, which is why the manufacturers of these devices are working to introduce better features.

The digital zoom and optical lenses will allow high resolution shots. In addition, developers are looking to improve the usability of cell phones through applications that use the camera to, for example, scan documents and visualize our surroundings through augmented reality. Cameras and their accompanying software seek to take full advantage of virtual reality technologies, and as more and more people use their cell phones, manufacturers are looking to improve the user experience and, in the short term, replace computers. New screens, more durable batteries and high-definition cameras are just some of the new innovations.

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