Legal keys to create your own online store

It also has the modification of the route for the shipment! e-commerce is providing a wide facility for entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to the network to create online stores. However, even within the ease of opening this type of business, it is important to remember a series of legal keys that all shops must comply with before starting their work. Essential prerequisite To have an online store is a fundamental requirement to be registered with the Treasury and have submitted the model 036 for a self-employed job. If, on the other hand, the entrepreneur already had a physical shop, in order to make the leap to the Internet, he or she will need to register for the IAE (Economic Activities Tax).LSSIL online shops must comply with the regulations of the LSSI (Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce), which is an essential factor in controlling commerce on the Internet.

This means taking into account requirements such as sharing the company's legal information (company name, tax number and registration number) with customers and visitors to the shop. It is also essential that the prices of the products are clear, indicating at all times the information regarding taxes or shipping costs. Transparency must also be complete with the indication, if applicable, of the information corresponding to the professional association of which you are a member. This is solved by a notice informing visitors and by a specific page on which all information about it can be found.

Most shops have already adapted to this requirement to cover the necessary, as is the case with shops of the style of For the user it supposes to make a click and thus to confirm its understanding of the policy of cookies of each one of the cases. LOPD Not less relevant it is to implement the necessary steps to fulfill the Organic Law of Protection of Data, incorporating different files to the page and following the indications provided by the responsible authorities of this organism. In addition to this, it is also necessary to comply with the publication of the conditions of use and the requirements of the law of electronic commerce and consumers.

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