Image recording in Europe - Copyright and its pitfalls

Taking pictures in Europe - Copyright and its pitfallsThe camera or camera phone are constant companions on holiday or when travelling. After all, you want to have the opportunity to capture special places or memories on picture. While at first glance it seems perfectly normal to simply take a photo at any place in the world, this can become a problem, especially in Europe. The reason for this is sometimes extremely draconian copyright laws that prohibit creators from taking the photos, much less uploading them to the internet later.

Even one of the landmarks of all in Europe is affected by these strange laws.Why am I not allowed to take photos of the Eiffel Tower at night?Imagine finally having the opportunity to travel to the famous city of love. Along with Notre Dame - soon to be back - the Seine and many other sights, the city's landmark, the Eiffel Tower, is of course high on one's travel agenda. If one enjoys this sight during the day and captures it on photos, this is not a problem at all. It only becomes problematic if one ventures to the huge tower at night and takes pictures of it.

If these pictures get into the internet, there can even be warnings. The reason for this is extremely grotesque and is likely to become even more serious with the new copyright law in the EU. The company responsible for the illumination of the Eiffel Tower at night has secured the copyright to this very illumination. This includes the lights, the laser shows and the overall image that the Eiffel Tower presents after dark.

In the course of this, it means that if you take a photo at night, you would quite automatically be in breach of copyright. There have already been numerous warnings from the company and many holidaymakers have been asked to pay a fee after taking a photo. Annoying - but not a unique incident in Europe. The keyword is freedom of panorama.The freedom of panorama - what is it and what does it have to do with my pictures?The freedom of panorama is an exception in many copyright laws in Europe and the world.

It is meant to guarantee that even a work of architecture, art or culture that is actually protected by copyright can be photographed and reproduced at any time. However, it is precisely this freedom of panorama that has been further restricted by many countries in Europe in recent years. France, Switzerland, Italy and Denmark, in particular, have enacted corresponding laws according to which the freedom of panorama can be restricted in certain areas. So if you want to take photos and upload them to the Internet, you should find out beforehand what the legal situation is in the respective city or country.Fortunately, however, there are many works from these places that can already be found on the Internet today.

Free photos can be found in many corners of the Internet, thanks to modern portals and freelance artists. You just have to deal a little with the appropriate conditions of use and you can easily publish them on your own page on the net.

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